Guest Blogger: Jan Hilty


Memorial GardenVolunteers are needed for The Memorial Garden at Chautauqua Park to supplement the planned maintenance by the Lakeside Chautauqua ground crews this summer.

The emphasis will be on weed control and deadheading on a week-to-week basis. To assist with this process, Lakeside has scheduled spring and summer treatments for weed control.

Each volunteer will be assigned a zone for which they will maintain.

It is Lakeside’s hope to have enough volunteers for the 16 zones, as well as extra volunteers to help when needed.

The continued maintenance of the memorial garden is important for the following reasons:

  • 20 families have laid love ones to rest at The Memorial Garden at Chautauqua Park
  • It is a sacred space and should be maintained to perfection at all times for burial ceremonies and for the families to visit
  • It is a place for guests to enjoy peace and tranquility
  • America in Bloom has awarded Lakeside Chautauqua with high marks for its distinguished volunteers, and we want to keep that high rating
  • Maintenance of the memorial garden will serve as a role model for Ohio’s Most Beautiful Mile and for various gardens throughout Lakeside

All Lakesiders are invited to join this unique team of garden volunteers at the memorial garden. For more information, contact Jan Hilty at (614) 483-9564 or