Guest Blogger Melissa Kunz, Content Manager


Lakeside Chautauqua is filled with so many beautiful places to spend time with family. What better way to preserve those memories than with a photo of your summer to take home with you.

We reached out to our Facebook community and asked where they thought the best places to take a picture in Lakeside were. From there, we compiled our list of the 10 best places to take a picture in Lakeside.

10. The Patio Height Chart – Growing up as a young Lakesider, every summer wouldn’t be the same without snapping a picture in front of The Patio Restaurant’s ice cream growth chart as you wait in line for some ice cream. We can’t help but smile as we watch so many Lakesiders, both young and old, stand in front of the sign, hoping they grew that extra inch.

9. Your Cottage or Camper – They are those special places you call home each summer, whether you’re here for a week of the entire summer season. Your cottage or camper is one of the best places to take and hang pictures taken at Lakeside.

8. Rhein Center – Each week, the Rhein Center offers a variety of classes for Lakesiders of all ages. Stick around and catch a few photo opps of your kids painting rocks, or learning ballet, maybe even a few of grandma and grandpa learning to ballroom dance.

7. Hoover Auditorium Steps – Hoover Auditorium is one of the many iconic buildings in Lakeside, and the steps of Hoover are a great place to capture a picture of the entire family during a summer family reunion, a church camp or youth group staying on the grounds or friends spending time at Lakeside for the first time.

6. Central Park – Central Park is always buzzing with activities, and some pretty fun places to snap a few pictures. While you’re there grab a few shots of your kids playing shuffleboard for the first time, the happiness a round of miniature golf can bring or the family all sitting on a park bench together eating ice cream. The possibilities are endless.

5. Steele Memorial Bandstand – One of the most popular wedding venues in Lakeside, the Steele Memorial Bandstand (or gazebo) in Central Park is a great place to show off your wedding party for a few photos. Family reunions and church groups have often gathered for photos there, too.

4. Hotel Lakeside – Hotel Lakeside, one of the most iconic buildings in Lakeside, offers countless places inside and out to take great photos with beautiful backgrounds. The historic architecture inside the hotel, and on the front porch, offers great scenes for wedding photos, family reunions and more. The fountain in front of the hotel porch is also a popular spot for a few family photos on a sunny day.

3. The Pavilion & Dock– As the opening to the Lake Erie shore, and Lakeside’s dock, the Pavilion is a beautiful backdrop to add to your Lakeside photos. So many memories have been made there, from marriage proposals and memorial services to kids laughing and playing in the Splash Park and the most spectacular sunsets on Lake Erie, capture them all to hang on your cottage walls.

2. The Waterfront – Lakeside could not be located on a better spot, Lake Erie. Next time you’re talking a walk along Ohio’s Most Beautiful Mile, stop and snap a photo of the scenery and maybe a few of the family too. It can offer the perfect backdrop anytime of day, especially at sunrise or sunset.

1. Anywhere in Lakeside – If there is one thing Lakesiders enjoy most, it’s Lakeside. Everyone comes here for different reasons and everyone finds joy in different places. Next time you’re at your favorite spot in Lakeside, capture a picture as way to keep the memory with you. Then share it with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

After reading our list of the top places to take a picture in Lakeside, share your thoughts with us on The Front Porch. Where is your favorite place to capture Lakeside memories? Tell us in the comments below.