Lakeside: Tranquility, Warmth, Love, Relaxation, Peace, Smiles & Tradition

For generations, Lakeside has welcomed thousands of families to the Chautauqua community.

Many seek refuge in Lakeside after several months of fast-paced schedules, endless school activities, stressful meetings and long commutes to work. The rapid pace of life is exhausting, and there is little time for enrichment and genuine conversation among family and friends.

Yet, in a few short months, the snow will thaw and flowers will start to bloom along Ohio’s Most Beautiful Mile. The children’s school year will come to an end, and you will be planning your summer vacation to Lakeside – your favorite place to relax, renew and reconnect and grow as a family.

It will be another anticipated summer filled with life-changing spiritual experiences, inspirational educational lectures, moving cultural arts performances and several physical activities and challenges.

Lakesiders recently shared on Facebook that they are looking forward to their return to Lakeside this summer for “tranquility, warmth, love, relaxation, peace, smiles and tradition.”

Thanks to your generosity year in and year out, thousands of families have the opportunity to experience the tranquility, warmth, love, relaxation, peace, smiles and tradition with loved ones each year.

Please consider giving a gift to the Lakeside Fund today to continue to enrich the lives of Lakesiders. Donate online today, make a donation by phone at (419) 798-5396 or email for more information.