Staff Blogger: Molly Dorsey, Print/Visual Communications Intern

Lakeside itself should be one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Tucked away in a little known town in Ohio, it’s a small gem hidden on Lake Erie. Those who know about Lakeside feel sorry for those who don’t, and those who don’t, have no idea what they’re missing.

m1In the community, there are so many things to see and do, but not all of what Lakeside has to offer is well known. Sometimes you stumble upon something great, and sometimes you have to hunt hard for it.

Since moving to Lakeside in May, I’ve managed to uncover seven hidden gems, and now I’ll share them with you.

The first gem that I will bestow upon you is the community garden.  At the end of Walnut Avenue, near the entrance of the Campground, there is an old schoolhouse. In front of schoolhouse is a garden where you can grow your own vegetables. For a small fee, you can rent your own space in the garden for the summer and have all the vegetables you desire.

For those of you who are foodies, Lakeside can provide some pretty tasty chicken salads. Oh La La, on Second Street, is home to some of the best chicken salad you will find on the Marblehead Peninsula. My personal favorite is on a croissant, but that’s not the only option you are limited to for your sandwich, they also have wraps and multigrain-bread.

m3Continuing with the theme of food, the Farmers’ Market is a great place to check out. The market is available during the summer every Tuesday and Friday from 9 a.m.-12 p.m. Vendors sell fruit, vegetables, lemonade, baked goods, fresh cut flowers and much more. The secret gem of the Farmers’ Market is for Lakeside’s summer interns. If you’re an intern, you get free peaches and vegetables! Cindy McClung, who owns the My Mother’s Market cart in front of The Fine Print bookstore, allows interns to take a few items for free. Being a mother herself, she wants to make sure that all the interns are being fed. She’ll even give you recipes and ideas on what to do with your vegetables and peaches. The free food is for the interns only, but if you stop by her cart, I’m sure she’d be happy to share recipes with anyone.

Everyone’s heard the expression “boys will be boys.” Well, the Guys’ Club is the epitome of that saying. It is a laid back group of men with the motto, “We’re workin’ on it.” To go along with their sense of humor and easy-going attitude, they don’t stop at their motto. The Guy’s Club has a mailbox located at 315 Sycamore Ave., but that’s not all. Their mailbox “conveniently” happens to be a 1948 Ford Truck and their mail slot is the glove compartment box. Boys will be boys, right?

m4In the summer, the temperature rises to numbers that some of us don’t even want to think about. Every once in a while we need a little something to keep cool. A little Lakeside secret to take advantage of when the temperature gets too high is in the Campground. Angel Wanhainen, the Campground Manager, has free freezer pops in her office for all those who choose to visit. The small hut when you turn left into the Campground is the secret location of these freezer pops. Stop by and grab one and chat with Angel, she loves visitors.

Reading is a huge hobby for the people of Lakeside. You can read the Lakesider, a good book or a magazine by the dock. But, what do you do when you’ve run out of things to read? On the corner of Cedar Avenue and Seventh Street, there’s a big mailbox, but the secret is that it’s not a mailbox at all, it’s a lending library. You can borrow a book, swap a book or leave one there for someone else to enjoy. Although this is a great location to grab some fresh reading material, it’s not the only place in Lakeside you can find books. The Fine Print Bookstore is a great bookstore with lots of great material, as well as the Lakeside Women’s Club Library. You’ll never run out of books to read again.

n5The last seventh wonder of Lakeside is Hoover Auditorium. Although it’s well known by everyone in the community that Hoover is a source of entertainment of many kinds, what some people don’t know about are the famous and inspirational celebrities that have appeared on stage. Susan B. Anthony spoke at Hoover Auditorium in 1895 to talk about women’s suffrage. Amelia Earhart made two appearances in 1934 and 1935, and Eleanor Roosevelt also made an appearance in 1940 and spoke of the importance of being an active citizen.

Lakeside has so many things to offer guests of every age, although some of those offerings are lesser known than others. The further you dig into the depths of Lakeside, the more you will discover. The key is knowing where to look.