Staff Blogger: Loretta Wilken, Lakeside Chautauqua Master Gardener/Groundskeeper

Pockets of blooming hyacinths lovingly tucked into gardens, stretches of daffodils, whimsically decorated beds of early spring color – these are all delightful signs of spring. They’re a calming source of visual delight and sometimes small surprises.  

Homeowners share their Lakeside Love through these sometimes small, sometimes abundant treasures throughout their community. They’re often the most photographed areas simply because they mirror the heart and soul of Lakeside.

As a Lakeside Gardener/Groundskeeper, I especially appreciate all of the time, resources, sweat and love that goes into planning, financing and maintaining all of these beautiful private residence gardens. Each season brings different delights. Each day that goes by I find some new beauty that catches my eye.

Thank you, Lakeside, for bringing your “A” game and accidently making my job a treasure hunt.