IMG_4589Name: Jordan Murphy
Position: Waterfront/Recreation Manager
Hometown: Oxon Hill, Maryland

What school did you go to or are currently attending? In 2014, I graduated from Frostburg State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Park & Recreation and a Concentration in Community Program Delivery. I am currently in Graduate school at Ashland University pursuing my Masters in Business Administration.

How did you hear about Lakeside, or what is your Lakeside story? Once the spring 2016 college semester began to wind down I was looking for employment and contemplating returning to Maryland to the position I held last summer. My teammate referred me to Ashland’s career service website where several positions were listed and one happened to be Waterfront/Recreation Manager at Lakeside Chautauqua.

What are you most looking forward to this summer at Lakeside? Continuing to grow, learn and get to know new people here at Lakeside. Each day is a unique, new, and exciting day at Lakeside Chautauqua so I continue to took look forward to what the next day has for me.

Name one goal you hope to achieve this summer. Personally my goal is to continue to work hard this summer by remaining focused on my values and principles. I want to continue to do my best in my position as manager and giving my best effort to improve the waterfront as well as aiding in recreation areas. Also this summer I am enrolled in summer courses and my goal is to earn at minimum a 3.5 GPA this summer semester.

What are some of your hobbies and what do you enjoy doing in your free time? The majority of my hobbies include working out, watching TV, reading and conversing with friends/family.

What is one of your proudest moments or major accomplishments you have achieved thus far in life? Earning my bachelors degree because it was another example of me starting and completing a goal in my life.

What is your dream job? My dream career would be working with/for a professional sports company(for example NFL, NBA, UFC, MLB, NHL) or a sports management company. My dream job is taking care of my family.

What’s one thing you’ve learned about Lakeside so far? There is no other place like it!

Where’s the farthest you’ve traveled? To Texas from Maryland once when I was younger.

Cottages in Lakeside all have interesting, quirky names. If you owned a cottage here, what would you name it? I would name my cottage the flying squirrel.