Koenig, SteveIn January, we announced that our staff had committed to living healthier lifestyles by participating in two health and wellness challenges – a weight loss challenge and a 1 million steps challenge.

During the first week of our 1 million steps challenge, Steve Koenig, Director of Hospitality, walked a landslide achievement of 91,532 steps, slightly more than 45 miles in one week. This is equivalent to walking from Port Clinton to Findlay, Ohio.

We sat down with Steve, and he shared with us how he achieved this milestone.

What’s your trick to getting in lots of steps during the day?
Before work every morning, I go to the gym and walk 4.5-5 miles on the treadmill. That gives me a good base of close to 10,000 steps to start the day. Then, throughout the day at work, I try to always make an effort to take the stairs instead of the elevator. I also walk around my neighborhood at the end of the day.

Where’s your favorite place to walk or run?
I live in Huron, which is home to the “mile-long pier.” That’s a great place to walk, especially if the weather is cooperating.

What’s your favorite healthy snack or healthy meal?
Instead of chips and those types of snacks, I like to eat unbuttered popcorn if I get the urge to snack. I’ve also been making an effort to drink a lot of water throughout the day. That tends to fill me up more.

What’s your biggest challenge in getting steps during the day?
If I have a busy day on the phone, there’s a tendency to get trapped at my desk. On those days, however, I’ll make an effort to take an additional, longer walk later in the evening.

Do you like to walk in the morning or night?
I feel like I’m getting a great start to my day by walking early in the morning. It also gives me a chance to think about the day ahead.

If other people are trying the 1 million steps challenge, what are a couple of tricks to getting in more steps during a busy day?
Get into a routine. Try not to deviate from it. Make a conscious effort to “get your steps in” at first, and after a while, it will become habit.

Do you have a favorite exercise song?  What’s the song? 
I always have my iPod at the gym. There’s not a particular song I replay or that I claim as a favorite, but I pretty much alternate between classic rock and show tunes.

Congratulations and well done, Steve! Watch for more updates on our staff’s health and wellness challenges over the next few weeks on our blog.