Lakeside Chautauqua is gearing up for another successful spring by preparing the campus for the return of Lakeside friends and families.

“Large planning meetings and start up plans are taking place to ensure smooth and seamless execution by all departments,” said Dan Dudley, Lakeside Chautauqua Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer. “Meetings have identified many intradepartmental dependencies, and work is being completed early to plan for the summer season.”

Lakeside Chautauqua’s Maintenance Department is made up of four full-time staff members under the direction of Dave Geyer, Vice President of Facilities & Safety Services.

The small department is responsible for major projects this spring. These projects include restoring the miniature golf course and repairs to the Lakeside Sailing Center. Additional projects will be underway in the upcoming months.

The grounds staff has already started to open more than two dozen gardens and flower beds, which is a sign that the summer is just around the corner.

The maintenance crew has also tackled several major storms this winter to keep the streets and sidewalks clear of snow and care for Lakeside’s 47 historic structures.

With more than nine miles of streets, the Maintenance Department has kept the streets clean during another record breaking cold and snowy winter season. We give special thanks for their hard work and attention to detail during the harsh weather.

In addition to several large projects and winter snow removal, the Maintenance Department conducts regular spring preparations. Over the next few weeks, benches and signs will emerge from storage, be cleaned and placed in their proper locations throughout Lakeside.

Buildings are scheduled to be open and needed repairs will be made in conjunction. Other minor maintenance duties include painting, clearing sidewalks and removing undesirable vegetation around the grounds.

“As the summer approaches, the Lakeside staff will be focused on execution, especially as Memorial Day falls a week earlier this year,” said Dudley. “From a guest perspective, our team’s planning process will continually improve our guests’ experiences and provide solid service by all departments.”