Since the Pool & Wellness Center idea began, the Lakeside staff, boards and Pool & Wellness Community Taskforce have, appropriately, received a multitude of questions about what lies on the horizon.

We would like to begin by thanking Lakesiders for taking a vested interest in the future.

What will the whole thing look like?

Walking into the facility from E. Sixth St., there is a small set of stairs and a ramp with a patio area reminiscent of Hoover Auditorium.

The building has two spaces, one on the left and one on the right. The left is a concession area. The space on the right is a lifeguard office, as well as a restroom area that is accessible at all times of the day, even when the pool itself is closed.

Walking forward, is the 6,500 sq. foot pool, capable of holding more than 400 swimmers. The deck around the pool has a capacity of approximately 1,600 individuals.

Strolling along the right side of the pool is another building, which includes a security office, restrooms and changing room, as well as a mechanical room containing pumps for the pool and other such items.

South of the pool sits the wellness center, housing two multipurpose rooms and an equipment room. The wellness center also has another restroom, along with plenty of storage.

We are happy to assure Lakesiders that the vast majority of trees we are accustomed to seeing in the area will remain as well, meaning that anyone using the  facility will be able to look out either over the pool or the nature surrounding the center.

What kind of equipment may be in the wellness center?

The Pool & Wellness Community Taskforce is considering including 2-3 treadmills, 2-3 ellipticals, a rowing machine and 2-3 stationary bikes. The equipment is still being researched.

What about a water slide?

Options that the Taskforce is looking into for a water slide are two fiberglass flumes; one open and the other closed. The structure holding the two slides is estimated to be roughly 12-15 feet high.

Would the Security Office be moved to the new Pool & Wellness Center?

As mentioned earlier, there is potential for the Security Office to be relocated to this new facility. It will allow for ease of access to the grounds and the facility.

What about the LifeTrail Outdoor Wellness Park and pathway in the area?

The LifeTrail Outdoor Wellness Park will remain exactly as it is now, along with the pathway in the area. Construction of the Pool & Wellness Center will not interfere with either of these spaces.

Isn’t the algal bloom still a problem?

It is, unfortunately, but Lakeside is doing everything it can to help the situation. In December, members of the staff attended a forum held by the Lake Erie Improvement Association.

Experts tell us with certainty that the health of Lake Erie is in jeopardy, and that it will not change significantly in the next decade, but it is not forgotten. Staff will also be meeting with Senator Rob Portman to find out how our community can take action against the algae, and will be attending a conference at Cedar Point this September.

What about the programming on the lake?

Programming on the waterfront will remain the same. The goal of the Pool & Wellness Center is to add to the Chautauqua experience, not subtract from other parts of it. Much of the programming on the waterfront is crucial to the core identity of Lakeside, and these aspects will not be ignored.

The Pool & Wellness Center will benefit Lakeside not only today, but throughout the future. It creates more opportunities for healthy living than ever before, and it will complement what already exists in its ability to have more reliable access to water for guaranteed healthy swimming, as well as exercise opportunities.

This is great, how can I add my input?

There are a variety of ways Lakesiders can get involved with this process – we need as many hands and hearts as Lakeside can offer if this project is to get off the ground.

  • Visit for more information about the Pool & Wellness Center. While there, fill out an electronic comment card to provide input or pose questions.
  • Participate in one of the Lakeside Conversations hosted by Kevin Sibbring, President/CEO of Lakeside Chautauqua, every Monday (except July 4) until July 25 from 3:30-4:30 p.m. in the Hotel Lakeside Fern Room. Have your questions answered and become further educated on what is happening throughout this process.

The first Lakeside Conversation was held on June 20, and we are proud to inform you that it was constructive and positive. Those in attendance voiced their approval and echoed our excitement for the project.

The Taskforce members, Board of Directors, staff and volunteers have put significant time into this community-driven decision process. They understand the importance of collectively coming together as a community to define this need and follow a well-disciplined process to make a decision on important aspects of the project.

We are all in this together, so please help make this vision a reality. Your support will positively impact Lakesiders today and for future generations.

The Time is Now

In addition to our existing Children’s Pool and Splash Pad, communities across the U.S. are building swimming pools and wellness facilities to better our health and wellness.

The need for a Pool & Wellness Center spans across all generations and has been a dream at Lakeside for many years.

Think about how all of our other spaces in Lakeside have become a gathering place for the entire community. The same result is possible for this new facility.

The time is now and the need is urgent.  We need to make this a reality for Lakeside Chautauqua.

You are invited to financially support this vision.

Visit to make an online gift, email or call (419) 798-5396.