Last summer, Lakeside Chautauqua received a grant from the Ottawa Sandusky Seneca (OSS) County Joint Solid Waste District and a donation from the Lakeside Environmental Stewardship Society (LESS) to purchase recycling containers, which have recently been placed around the Lakeside grounds.

The goal of the Competitive Funding Grant Program is to enhance recycling opportunities for residents of the three-county district.
Prior to receiving the grant, Lakeside had a developed recycling program in place, which includes a recycling pick-up service and a large recyclables collection area near the South Gate entrance.

However, the opportunities to recycle while in parks and along the waterfront were limited. Lakeside placed temporary bins for collection, but they were lightweight, toppling over in the wind, and prone to breaking down over time.

Now, with the funds received through the grant and LESS’ donation, Lakeside has purchased 24 32-gallon recycling bins to place around the grounds, specifically in the parks and near the waterfront.

The bins are made of used recycled plastic products. Because these bins are durable and heavy, they can be placed in areas of Lakeside where the winds are stronger, which will provide Lakesiders with more locations to recycle their materials while out and about.

The OSS County Joint Solid Waste District provides a specified amount of money in the budget each year for the Competitive Funding Program.

The program is open to educational institutions, local governments and non-profit organizations.

This is Lakeside’s first time receiving grant money from the program. Recently awarded projects in other communities have included the purchase of recycled patio furniture, recycled playground equipment, chain link fencing for parks, signage made from recycled materials, mulch for parks and more.

The primary goal of LESS is to promote the understanding, appreciation, protection and improvement of the environment of Lakeside Chautauqua.

The secondary goal is to influence the state and national legislatures in their actions to protect and improve the environment.