Guest Blogger: Allison Seemann, Print/Visual Communications Intern

Ohio’s Most Beautiful Mile is nothing short of the name itself. There are so many views and flowers to be seen that you don’t even notice you’ve walked an entire mile.

As you walk east, Lake Erie, flower beds and rocks lay to the left, while large cottages and friendly people stand to the right. Nature and man seem to perfectly float hand in hand on this wonderful mile.

rock towerMy first time walking down the lakefront path, it was evening and quiet because the Chautauqua summer season hadn’t started yet. I happened across some towered rocks near Perry Park and right before the Lakeside Daisy garden. They were scattered about from the top of the bank down to the shore.

Naturally, I had to build one myself. I searched the shore for flat, smooth rocks of all shapes and sizes to make my very first rock tower. Small but mighty, it stood on a large piece of limestone where the waves from the lake were lapping inches below.

Days later when I returned, nature had taken over by blasting my tower down and swallowing it back into the lake.

flowerDuring the same visit, I discovered something I had never seen before, except maybe in Dr. Seuss’s “The Lorax.” It’s like it came right out of the movie. The never ending stem led right to a giant, majestic blue fluff ball.

I counted only five of these flowers. I go back to see them every week. Every time my family visits, I take them to see the mysterious Lorax fluff ball.

From the hydrangeas, Lakeside Daisies and the geraniums, this mystical being will always be my favorite part of Ohio’s Most Beautiful Mile. I could ask Loretta, the Master Gardener, what this exotic looking fluff ball is, but the mystery of the Lorax flower is what draws me back every time.