Staff Blogger: Alexis Oatman, Advancement/Communications Intern

Being truthful is one of the most important traits someone can possess. To live truthfully, one must have a just mind and understand that without trust in every area of life, it lacks meaning.

Dr. Christine Pohl, Associate Provost and Professor of Christian Ethics and Church Society at Asbury Theological Seminary, has conducted extensive research for more than two decades about the core practices needed for a vibrant community.

She is the author of Living into Community: Cultivating Practices that Sustain Us and will bring her research to Lakeside from Sunday, Aug. 14-Thursday, Aug. 18 to have an open dialogue with members of our community.

On the topic of truthfulness, Lakeside community members shared their definitions of the word.

“Wholesome behavior and safety,” said one Lakesider.

Another commented, “Truthfulness in our community is defined by leadership being transparent and forthright with finances and issues facing our community. Posting a warning when the lake bacterium is too high is an example of truthfulness. Admitting that the community should have input to all major decisions is truthfulness.”

Dr. Pohl also shared her thoughts on the topic of truthfulness in her book. “People who love the truth build others up with it rather than using it to tear them down; much of our truth-telling should affirm what is right and good. When Paul writes to the early church about moving toward a deeper unity and maturity, he connects love and truth closely. Speaking the truth in love is at the heart of growing up every way into Christ. (Eph. 4:1-5).”

Lakesiders are invited to visit Artists-N-Cahoots to pick up a Chautauqua Conversation: Community & Practices booklet for a requested donation of $10 to cover printing costs. In these booklets are prompts, questions and stimulating stories of fellow community members relating to each practice.

All are welcome to attend two luncheon discussions in the Hotel Lakeside Fern Room at 12 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 3 and Wednesday, Aug. 10. Staff members will lead these gatherings. Any Lakesider with an invested interest in the future of the community is welcome to participate.

The Lakeside staff thanks those who have and will give their time and wisdom to this project.