Staff Blogger: Casey Sudzina, Advancement/Communications Intern

Linda Green, a longtime Lakesider, is the owner and founder of Omnigreen, a company that has offered services focused on natural and holistic healing for more than 40 years. She is an herbalist, aroma therapist, naturist and yoga instructor.

Her earliest memory as a child was of her exploring in the backyard, learning about which plants she could and could not eat.

“That is where it all began,” explained Green.

Since then, she has studied under many teachers, such as Vishnu Devananada, Swami Satchidinanda, Juliette de Bairacli Levy, James Duke and Jeanne Rose.

Green has spent years traveling and studying, from the Bahamas at the Sivananda Retreat, where she received her yoga instruction education, to the jungles of Central and South America, learning Polarity and Maya Abdominal therapies from the indigenous peoples. She also created her own degree curriculum in natural health sciences at Union University.

“I have studied with many experts who have since passed away, and I take great pride in continuing to teach their lessons,” she said.“ I feel I have a duty to carry on their legacy, and I’m privileged to be one of the few who are knowledgeable about information that is no longer accessible.”

Green began Omnigreen upon feeling the need for her own healing after suffering the trauma of a miscarriage.

“I was hurting, and I felt a notion that I needed to help to heal people in order to heal myself,” she explained.

Knowing what she had to do, she began working with individuals at a small level, and even when only one person showed up for her first public class, she was okay with it. Even if she was helping one person, she felt that was a step towards healing.

The operation began to grow over the years into what it is today. Her first apprentice program was four students, and over time, she has had many more. She now also has numerous clients and teaches countless classes.

Her son helped her come up with the name Omnigreen about 20 years ago when he was only 13 years old. Omnigreen is a play on words with their last name and the connotative meaning of green in a sense of life and nature.

Green feels that her vast experience is part of what makes

Omnigreen truly unique from other similar businesses.

Not only does she have unique insight, but she is also truly invested in her clients.

“I want to keep the business small enough that I know each and every individual I work with,” she said. “I take pride in assessing my clients and knowing their needs, because for me, it is about truly healing others.”

Green teaches a variety of classes, works with individual clients and offers apprenticeships.

This summer at Lakeside, she is teaching Experienced and Beginner Hatha Yoga. Both classes are held at 8:30 a.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays in the Upper Room.

“The classes are so inclusive,” she said. “They include all ages, from little 5-year-olds, all the way to 80-year-olds. The classes have men and women as well, which is different from other classes I have taught that are primarily female. No one feels inhibited, and it makes for a wonderful spiritual and healing experience.”

She worked with Jackie Sypherd of Sypherd’s Cycles years ago to try to create wellness and yoga programming in Lakeside. Though it was not as successful at the time, the two are excited about the opening of the Grindley Aquatic & Wellness Campus because it will be expanding many wellness initiatives in the Lakeside community. Green has also been involved with the Herb Study programs at Lakeside.

“I am passionate about the union of mind, body and sprit to fulfill a person, and I’m so grateful to have a community like Lakeside that focuses on a similar concept with the four pillars.”

For more information, schedules and a full list of services, visit Omnigreen’s website or email Linda Green directly for additional information.