Goff, LindaIn January, we announced that our staff had committed to living healthier lifestyles by participating in two health and wellness challenges – a weight loss challenge and a 1 million steps challenge.

For the past two weeks, Linda Goff, Accounts Payable & Benefits Manager, has been leading our weight loss challenge, losing 4.4% of her body weight.

We sat down with Linda, and she shared with us how she’s been shedding the weight.

What’s your trick to eating healthier?
I stay away from potatoes, breads and pop – all the things that aren’t good for you. I eat a lot of salads, smaller portions, vegetables and meat. I also do my best not to eat out at restaurants. I find it hard to lose weight when eating out all of the time.

Have you focused on eating healthy or exercising more?
I’m eating better and have cut my portions way back. I am doing very little exercise, not much but some.

What’s your favorite healthy snack or healthy meal?
I like to eat baked chicken, and I eat lots and lots of salads.

What’s your biggest challenge when steering clear of junk food?
At first I just had to tell myself, “No, I want to lose weight.” Now that I have shrunk my stomach, it’s not even a problem. I don’t miss it at all. I know what my end results will be.

What are a couple of tricks to eating healthier during the day when you’re busy?
Since dieting, I try not to munch at all. I drink lots of water, and when I get tired of that, I add Mio’s pomegranate flavor. It has 0 carbs, 0 calories, tastes great and is filling.

What other advice to you have for those trying to lose weight?
I had started dieting sooner than the others in this challenge, as I had put on weight during the holidays. The first two weeks I hadn’t lost anything, so don’t get discouraged. It will eventually come off. You have to have the right mindset and really stick to it. If you fall off track, it’s really hard to get back with it. But, just keep working and eventually you will see a new you!

Congratulations and well done, Linda! Watch for more updates on our staff’s health and wellness challenges over the next few weeks on our blog.