Guest Blogger: Katie, age 9

Katie Kinder (left) and her cousin Maddie (right) enjoying Lakeside together.

Lakeside is the best vacation ever! I go there once a year. We’re going to Cedar Point this year during Lakeside. It’s very close to Cedar Point, since it’s located near Sandusky.

Lakeside is a peninsula, which means three of the sides are covered by water and one by land. Our family goes with my grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. My family, my grandparents and one of my aunts, one of my uncles and one cousin all go for two weeks. My other aunts, uncle and three cousins go to Lakeside for one week.

There a many things to do at Lakeside. We get ice cream almost every night and donuts almost every morning, including all my relatives. There are a couple restaurants, a couple shops, movie theater and lastly an auditorium.

Lakeside has an amazing beach and dock. The houses at Lakeside are mostly all cottages except for a couple of them. Just about ninety-nine percent of the people ride bikes to get from place to place. That explains why there are bike racks.

There are some special occasions at Lakeside such as the Fourth of July. On the Fourth of July there is a parade that lots of people ride their bikes through. In the parade there are fire trucks with people riding on the back of the cars. Those people throw out candy on the streets so the watchers can collect candy. I collect candy so I can eat the mouth-watering treat. That night there are fireworks shooting out from the dock over the lake. There are lots of beautiful views to watch fireworks.

On Wednesday nights at Lakeside, there is the best picnic ever! There are hotdogs, watermelon and cookies. At the picnic there are also baked beans. During the meal there is chalk to draw on the sidewalks. After the food there are games that everyone can participate in. The games are hula-hoop content, water balloon content and more. The picnic is right next to the lake which is a bonus.

All in all, Lakeside is the best vacation and place I’ve ever been to. I look forward to it all year and am so excited when it’s close to being the time that we go. The only bad thing about it is when it comes time to leave, I get so sad. I think everyone would love Lakeside.