Lake Erie College LogoLakeside Chautauqua is partnering with Lake Erie College to offer professional development graduate credit based on participation in educational and cultural arts programs at Lakeside. This opportunity is designed for educators needing to renew teaching licenses and/or gain professional development credit.

Nine separate courses (one per week) will be offered, each providing two semesters of graduate credit (pass/fail). Participants can register for as many courses as they wish. The cost is $360 per two-credit course.

Requirements for each course include attendance at lectures, educational programs and cultural events, as well as completion of event summaries/critiques and an outside project. All assignments can be submitted online.

The National Standards affirm the place of arts education in a balanced core curriculum and ensure that all students are college and career ready. These standards are a response and reflective of the Common Core State Standards in English, Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies. The Common Core Arts Standards include Dance, Media Arts, Music, Theatre, and the Visual Arts. These standards are designed to match current and future education policy needs.

This course is designed to provide access for the educator to experience the strategy of differentiation for the learner with integration and implementation of the Common Core Curriculum Standards and the Common Core Arts Standards. Lakeside Chautauqua provides the embedding and assimilation of all of these curriculum standards for the educator K-12 through content, context, and conceptualization.

Each week, Lakeside Chautauqua provides participants academic lecture themed series and the production and performances of art, dance, theater, music, and cultural influences. This course is designed to allow educators to align their lesson planning with the Common Core Curriculum of either the Arts or Academics.

Knowledge gained during each of these Chautauqua Weeks will help educators become leaders in their school and community. The seminar wrap around course is designed to help educators across the profession, curricula areas, and areas of specialization. This seminar is organized as a forum for a heterogeneous group of professionals.

Participants can register for graduate credit prior to the beginning of each week. After registering, course materials will be emailed with directions for completion. For questions, contact Professor Sally Schuler at or (440) 826-9736.