Staff Blogger: Alana Tarry, Director of Development

Dedicated and compassionate Lakesiders, Howard and Joann Strauch, have a long and meaningful history with Lakeside Chautauqua.

Howard was first introduced through his Methodist Youth Fellowship group in 1944, and Joann had known of Lakeside for many years before her first visit during the summer of 1968.

Howard and Joann both came from active Methodist families, and Lakeside, with its unique and educational summer programs, was a natural fit for them.

“In 1990, we began coming to Lakeside every summer and it continues to get better every time,” said Howard. “We are most excited about the future of Lakeside.”

The Strauchs’ oldest son and his wife purchased a cottage in 1998. Howard and Joann enjoy visiting their family for two weeks each summer. Their favorite Lakeside memories are Lakeside Symphony Orchestra concerts, inspirational chaplains that offer workshops and discussions, walks along the water and times of personal meditation.

As many Lakesiders do, Joann has a very special place in Lakeside that she goes to reflect and renew each year. She finds peace in the sparkle on the water, the meaningful conversations with her granddaughter and the nature all around her. To her, God’s love is most evident in these precious moments.

“Lakeside has the perfect sense of balance—mind, body and spirit,” said Joann. “There is no other place that you can be inspired by a wonderful chaplain, walk a beautiful lakefront path and enjoy multigenerational recreational experiences all in the same day.”

Howard and Joann have been longtime volunteers and financial supporters of Lakeside. Howard was one of the founding members of the Lakeside Chautauqua Foundation Board.

Since joining the board, Howard and Joann have been active members of the Directors Club, and through a thoughtful planned gift, are members of the Founders Society. With these investments, the Strauchs have built a lasting legacy at Lakeside that will inspire and stimulate future generations of Lakesiders.

For more information about how to get involved and support Lakeside financially, contact or (419) 798-4461, ext. 246.