Lakeside is a destination where families come together to reminisce and create new memories. There are so many aspects of Lakeside that cause people to fall in love with the community.

So, we decided to ask our Facebook and Instagram audience, “What do you love about Lakeside?” Here are some of their answers.

“The quaintness of it all!” – Paula Browne

“How friendly everyone in town is to you. Everyone who passes you says hi and treats you like you’re part of a family. It’s like a little oasis where I am accepted by everyone just because I’m there. Little glimpse of Heaven!” – Karole Longbrake

“Sunsets!” – Joyce Willeke

“New favorite. Just tucked my daughter and two cousins into the same bed. Told them funny stories about growing up with their parents. …. made them giggle. …. said they look forward to doing this with their kids someday.” –Angy Elfner

“Everything, but seeing the picture of the hollyhocks reminds me of how my Mom used to turn them into ‘hollyhock dolls’ with a little petal skirt.” – @missemferris on Instagram

“Everything!!!” – Jane Curtiss Hire, Carol Rea, Phillip Stedman, Cindy Dafoe Bushey, @azimmermann4 on Instagram, @taylor.helwig on Instagram and @dance_girly_04 on Instagram

“Peace, quiet, the flowers, the lake” – Sue Cox

“The slow pace, my kids are safe and mostly unplugged, and exploring Marilyn’s” – Christy Spalding Rehagen

“The peaceful nights and fun-filled days for little ones!” – Debbie Robinson

“Family and worshipping together.” – Rebecca Innerst

“Peacefulness and ice cream!” – Alyson Bachtel Holland

Now it’s your turn. In the comments below, tell us what you love about Lakeside.