By Kevin Greer, Communications Manager

Dwann Tittle envisioned enhancing the Fountain Inn when she was named General Manager of both hotels, group housing and cabin rentals just over a year ago. Her plans are now coming to fruition as the 1970s hotel is undergoing renovations on all three floors. Among the upgrades so far:

  • All rooms painted
  • Bathroom trim updated
  • New bathroom sinks installed
  • New pillows purchased
  • Bed skirts with bed wraps replaced

Tittle believes these enhancements were necessary for the accessibility and comfort for guests.

The Fountain Inn improvements are just in the beginning stages. Tittle is turning it into a boutique hotel, meaning each floor will have specific theme.

“We thought it was a good idea to pull the lake in,” Tittle said. “We chose colors that are relaxing and complement the nautical themes.”

In addition to the new décor on all three floors, carpeting will be replaced after the summer season and three new signs will be added to the lobby by next year, including one that will take up the majority of the large wall opposite the front desk.

“I’m very excited about the signs,” Tittle said. “I think it’s going to tie together the Fountain Inn and Lakeside beautifully.”

Tittle’s ultimate goal for the Fountain Inn refresh is to enhance your experience when visiting and to have her planned upgrades completed by next year’s Lakeside Sesquicentennial.

For a “virtual tour” of the Fountain Inn upgrades to date, see the pictures below or visit our Facebook page.

The Fountain Inn is located in the heart of Lakeside and within walking distance to Lake Erie, Hoover Auditorium and Heritage Hall Museum. It’s a year-round destination for family getaways, reunions, wedding parties, conferences and business retreats. During your stay, enjoy our in-house restaurant, the Slack House Historic Cafe, featuring a nostalgic menu of gourmet burgers, hand-cut fries and over-the-top shakes, as well as soups, salads and more.