Staff Blogger: Jessica Kidd, Advancement Manager


45th anniv 015Lakeside Chautauqua is a special place where friends and families visit to unwind and make lasting memories. For many, Lakeside has been a cherished place for more than 140 years.

Suzanne Bond’s grandfather, the Rev. Charles Bennett, began the family’s Lakeside tradition. He was a long-time Lakesider.

Whether the Bond family is walking along Ohio’s Most Beautiful Mile or attending Hoover Auditorium programs, they are creating lasting memories, just as many others do at this special place.

To remember a special loved one, Richard Bond, and to enhance the treasured lakefront, Suzanne Bond and her family gave a generous gift for the purchase of the teak furniture at the Splash Park patio.

The continued beautification along Ohio’s Most Beautiful Mile allows many to choose it as their place to engage in spiritual renewal, as well as peaceful conversations, just as the Bond family does each summer.

The seating area allows many Lakeside families to gather comfortably and for the Bond family to remember Richard.

Along with the beautiful flowers and children’s laughter that attract Lakesiders, the Splash Park brings multi-generations to the water’s edge.

The beauty that can be admired from this special location is breathtaking.It is not a wonder why this placement for the furniture was chosen by the Bond family.

Lakeside Chautauqua graciously thanks Suzanne Bond, her family and friends for their generous gift in memory of Richard Bond.