Staff Blogger: Ellen Venema, Rhein Center Assistant Coordinator

The 2018 Winter Olympics are almost here! From Feb. 9-25 we get to live vicariously through our televisions, travel to South Korea, mingle with the world’s top athletes and compete for the gold. Some may gather with friends and food to watch the U.S. vs. Russia hockey game or to critique the skills of the downhill skiers. Others may watch the previous day’s highlight clips online over their lunch break.

But who says the Olympic excitement can only be felt while huddled around a screen? Why not get out and participate in any way we can? Gather your family, friends and neighbors, and put on your thinking caps to dream up the perfect neighborhood Olympic Games.

In that spirit, I propose to you… The Lakeside Winter Olympics! These whimsically imagined feats of grace, strength and endurance will help you make the most of the Lakeside off-season.

Stone Skipping on Ohio’s Most Beautiful Mile
Distance, accuracy and number of skips count in this classic.

Snowman Sculpting in Cherry Park
This creative challenge allows our more artistic athletes to shine with ice and snow.

Speed Shopping in Marilyn’s II
How efficiently can you navigate the tight corners of our favorite maze of wonders?

Fishing Relays off the Dock
How quickly can your team catch their quota?

Winter Pentathlon across Central and Perry Parks
This five-sport event (Snow Angel Sprint, Snowflake Catching, Snowball Target Throw, Cross-Country Snowshoe, and Sled Pull Relay) are the true test of a Lakeside winter athlete’s range and endurance.

This is just one creative brainstorm into Winter Olympic possibility. What will you dream up to participate in the Winter Olympics where you live? If you have ideas, share your pictures and videos with us on Facebook and Instagram with @LakesideOhio.

On your mark… Get set… Go!