Guest Blogger: Mark Nurnberger


NurnbergersMy wife, Beth, and I, attended the lectures given by Amanda Patton this past week. She was interesting and thought provoking. Most of us don’t have the opportunity to design a large garden, but we can use the same principles in our home or Lakeside gardens.

Beth and I enjoy tending 3 Lakeside gardens: Kenton Row, and the 2 abutting the Shuffleboard patio. We especially liked the term “editing” that Amanda Patton used. It means removing a plant from the garden. It may be removed because of poor performance or rethinking the space where it is in the garden.

Each year presents new challenges to gardeners such as drought or too much rain. Amanda Patton encouraged attendees to take a picture of the garden and turn it sideways to see the perspective of the garden, both height and density of the plants.

The two shuffleboard gardens are growing well this year. The plant selection is working well after some “editing” the past couple of years.

In the Kenton Row garden, the zinnias planted by seed are coming slowly with all the rain. The roots are too wet. Also, the Knockout Roses are not as full and hardy as in past years.

Annette Mercer, garden designer for Corso’s mentioned these plants in her talk last week. Maybe we will be “editing” one of these Knockouts next season.

The lectures were fun, informative and interesting. Amanda Patton showed slides on a number of English gardens she has worked with including her own garden, which was the size of many of our yards or gardens.

This was a great topic, maybe one that will be repeated in coming years.