Staff Blogger: Rena Arter, Digital Communications Intern

DIY Craft - Pinecone BirdfeederThe holidays are growing closer, which means family gatherings are as well. With those family gatherings comes love, great food, the sharing of stories, catching up with loved ones you might not have seen in a while, and little tikes wandering the house.

With all of the commotion, what’s a better way to keep the little ones occupied than with a fun, DIY craft like making birdfeeders out of pinecones?

These pinecone birdfeeders are easy to make with children of all ages and are made out of items that can be found outside and around the house. This DIY project is great for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas or springtime. 

What you’ll need:

  • Pinecones (preferably larger sized; any number you choose)
  • String (cut into 12” lengths or longer for each pinecone)
  • Container of Vegetable Shortening or jar of Peanut Butter
  • Birdseed
  • Popsicle sticks

DIY Craft - Pinecone Birdfeeder 2Step 1: To start, tie a piece of string to the top of each pinecone. Be sure to double knot it and make it tight so the pinecone doesn’t fall off during a blustery day. Get creative with your string color – chose orange for fall and Thanksgiving, red and green for Christmas and bright, cheery colors for springtime.

Step 2: Using the Popsicle sticks, spread the vegetable shortening or peanut butter onto the pinecone. Make sure to spread it in the nooks and crannies of the pinecone so the birdseed has more area to stick to other than just the petals. To add some pizazz to your birdfeeder, dye the vegetable shortening with food coloring.

Step 3: After the pinecone is covered with shortening or peanut butter, roll it in the birdseed, and ta da! You have a homemade pinecone birdfeeder! You can also make Christmas ornaments the same way, just replace the birdseed with glitter!

Hang the birdfeeder in your favorite tree, and watch the birds gobble up the seeds! I’m sure they’d thank you if they could!

What other DIY holiday crafts do you make with your children or grandchildren? Tell us in the comments below or write a blog about. Just email with your craft!