Guest Blogger: Larry Brown

One of the things I’ve noticed about my connection to Lakeside is how every time I leave the grounds, after a week or a few days stay, I begin to think about when I will return. This says something about the relationship we have with this special place.

Lakeside is more than a vacation spot and more than a place to get away or relax. Our beloved retreat by the lake connects to us in a deeper way, and like any relationship that is life-giving, we long for the time we will be together again.

As I write this, we are at the beginning of the season of Advent. The traditions, images, sounds and tastes of this season are familiar, and at the surface level we can all say, “Been there and done that.”

But, of course, expectantly moving through this season takes us beneath the surface of a hectic holiday schedule and connects us to something that is much deeper.

We long for the coming of Christ because every time our lives and the presence of the One who embodies God’s love are in each other’s presence our faith is restored.

Christmas shouldn’t be just a repeat of things we’ve always done. Like being drawn back to Lakeside because every time we come we experience something new and meaningful, our return to the celebration of Christ’s birth opens us to the new ways God is impacting our lives and our world.

May you be blessed in your Advent and Christmas journey this year, and I’m already thinking of the time when we may see one another on the dock, downtown, walking by the lake or along the streets of Lakeside, the place we love. Peace.