The Lakeside Community embraced the bottle cap recycling project for the second year in a row. This year’s project titled, “Caps for Comfort” has a goal of purchasing three additional benches for Lakeside, to be made using recycled bottle caps. Lakesiders have been saving throughout the winter and we are confident that we will have enough caps to meet our goal. The deadline for receiving bottle caps will be Aug. 1. Please wash the caps before you turn them in at Bradley Temple, Cherry Park, The Underground (Teen Center), Shuffleboard Office, or the Administration Building.

In addition to collecting caps, the project includes the cost of turning the caps into benches (approximately $1,100). Last year, through generous donations and teens selling concessions prior to movies at Orchestra Hall, we were able to provide the needed funds. This year, the Religious Life Pillar will be offering lemonade (for donation) at Sunsets at the Dock and Sunday Afternoon Programs at the Steele Memorial Bandstand to offset the cost of the benches.

We anticipate having the benches by Labor Day and ready for use this fall. Special thanks to the Lakeside Environmental Stewardship Society for their partnership in this program.