Staff Blogger: Ellen Venema, Rhein Center Assistant Coordinator

IMG_3519Rhein Center class proposals are now being accepted!

Proposal documents have been emailed to those already on our list of previous and potential teachers. If you believe you should be on our list but have not yet received an email, please check your junk/spam folder, and then send an email to

If you’re not on our list and would like to lead a class at the Rhein Center this summer, here’s what’s involved in the commitment: 

  • Communicate with the Rhein Center Coordinator pre-season to help us accurately plan for your class needs
  • A class sample project prepared ahead of time to be displayed during registration, the week of the class and, if possible, all summer
  • Your presence with your class sample project during the Sunday afternoon Registration Open House
  • Showing up in advance of your class time to prepare the necessary materials
  • Assisting your students in picking up the area in preparation for the next scheduled class
  • Having fun and sharing your love of the arts with the Lakeside community

Proposal Process

If you’re new to the Rhein Center instructor staff, to receive a proposal packet send an introductory email to Rhein Center Coordinator Michelle Johansen at Tell us about yourself. Most importantly, we need your name, email and phone contact information and what topics you might like to teach. We would also love to learn a bit about where you live, your own crafty and artistic mediums, a little of your Lakeside history, if you’ve taught or taken classes at the Rhein Center before, what inspired you to want to join us, etc.

We’ve upgraded our forms for this year. If you have your information prepared, all can be completed relatively quickly and easily in digital format.

Once you’ve received the proposal documents, complete each one and return it all to Don’t forget to include clear pictures of yourself and your proposed projects. We need them to most effectively market your class to potential students on our online registration system.

Your proposal will be considered once all components have been received.

IMG_0095As class proposals come in, we especially hope for instructors to fill gaps in our offerings. A few subjects for which we would love to add additional classes include:

  • Sketching/Drawing (portraits, cartoons, caricatures, pen and ink, etc.)
  • Music (instrument lessons/experiences, genre sing-alongs, songwriting, etc.)
  • Writing (journaling, poetry, character development, etc.)
  • Jewelry (cold work, bead weaving, etc.)
  • Woodworking (wood burning, whittling, chip carving, scroll saw work, etc.)
  • Weaving (baskets, bowls, floor mats, placemats, etc.)
  • Crochet (basics, small fun projects, ornaments, etc.)
  • Architecture (popsicle stick projects, etc.)

The Rhein Center enjoys bringing together longtime Lakesiders and those new to the area in a caring group of instructors willing to share their artistic talents with the Lakeside community. In return for leading classes, we offer Chautauqua Passes, Auto Passes and potential housing. Our staff also enjoys the community of fellow instructors at our Tuesday Potluck Luncheons.

If you, or someone you know, is interested in leading a class at the Rhein Center in 2017, please send an introductory email to Michelle Johansen at so that we may add you to the list for our proposal mailing. We look forward to working with you this summer.