Staff Blogger: Melissa Kunz, Content Manager


The summer season is right around the corner and as you’re getting ready to walk through the Lakeside gates, you’ve probably started thinking about all the events, programs and activities you want to do this summer.

There is so much to accomplish in one summer, and what better way to stay on track than creating a bucket list. So this year, in the midst of your packing, traveling and memory making, spend some time together as a family or individually and build your Ultimate Lakeside Bucket List.

Below we’ve put together a long list of bucket list ideas to get you started, or to use as your guide for the summer. Make sure to include all your favorite things to do in Lakeside, as well as some new things you’re looking forward to trying. You can never have too many ideas for your bucket list.

Summer Bucket List

We’d love you to share your bucket lists with us in the comments below. We can’t wait to see what you plan to do in Lakeside this summer. The possibilities are endless!