Staff Blogger: Josh Hilgenberg, Advancement & Communications Intern

Are you starting to feel a little like an ice cream cone in a fireplace? I have good news for you, because I’ve put together a few ways to cool down and beat the heat with some Lakeside water activities!

Go Swimming
Straightforward and simple, this activity is just about as old as time itself. No water activities list would be complete without this classic, so put on your swimsuit and head full sail for the beach! Or, you could always forget the preparation and just…

Jump off of the Dock
I think we’re all tempted to do it every once in a while on those scorching summer days. We grab our ice cream and meander down to the dock just like any normal day – but it’s so hot! The water looks so cool. Next time just go for it, you won’t regret it. Who cares if your clothes get wet when it’s so hot that the sun just sucks up all the coolness? Get a running start and dive in.

Splash Park
Perfectly positioned by the dock, the Splash Park is optimal for those younger kids trying to fend off the high temperatures. It has a zero depth entry pool for babies, unique spray features for kids, and bench seating for parents and grandparents, so it’s perfect for some intergenerational bonding, too.

Fall off of a Standup Paddleboard
Head over to the Info Center, reserve a standup paddleboard and get out in the water. Then, you just have to do what comes naturally for anyone with zero experience – fall! It’s easy, and so much less hassle than actually trying to work the thing. If you’re good at paddleboarding, I guess you could try riding it, too. But, then you won’t get wet, so what’s the point?

Water Balloon Fight
Have some pent up aggression that you’ve been storing up since you left the busy life outside the gates? Well, these next two activities are for you. Find some friends who a.) love getting wet or b.) hate getting wet. It’s funny either way, I promise. Siblings are great targets – I mean playmates – for this activity. Find an open spot away from innocent bystanders, fill up some balloons, and you’ll beat the heat in no time. 

Squirt Gun Showdown
This was one of my favorite things to do under the scorching heat of July and August. Go to the store and pick up a few cheap splash toys if you want to have a really great time. I don’t care how old you are or who you are, you’ll love this. Get the whole family together – or the entire neighborhood – and wage war! Play capture the flag, or just run around spraying your pals. Kids love it, teenagers love it and adults love it. Fact: anyone who claims to be uninterested in shooting water guns will change their mind after you soak them in water. 

Sponge Relay
This is a hilarious way to beat the heat. Find 4 buckets and 2 big sponges, and fill the buckets with water. Next, place the buckets a good distance apart, maybe 20 feet. It all depends on how far you want to run. Throw the sponges in the buckets and get ready! Split your friends into teams, and line up behind the buckets so that each bucket has half of a team behind it. The goal is to carry the sponge as quickly as possible from one bucket to the next without using your hands – this could mean shoving them in your armpits or even carrying them in between your legs. Clean up is also easy for this game: just throw the sponges at each other until all the water is used up and carefully dump the buckets of water on your favorite Lakesider to show them you care.

Now that you’ve seen my water activities list, what do you have to add? What are your favorite activities to beat the heat at Lakeside? Tell us in the comments below.