Guest Blogger: Kelly Cecora, Marketing/Digital Communications Intern

The Pavilion is easily the most recognized landmark on the Lakeside Chautauqua grounds. Built in 1909, the Pavilion has been a symbol of Lakeside for more than 100 years. Although the building has gone through many phases, the Pavilion has always been an integral part of the Lakeside community.

We sat down with the Director of Operations for the Lakeside Heritage Society, Gretchen S. Curtis, to talk about this Lakeside icon. She shared the history of the Pavilion and uncovered some fun facts that were hidden in the Archives.

Here are 5 Things you didn’t know about the Pavilion:

1. There have been 3 different pavilions since 1909.

  • The first Pavilion, built in 1909, remained intact until 1961. Due to its age and several structural damages, the original Pavilion was torn down to make room for a more modern one. The second Pavilion was finished in 1963. And in 1987, the newest Pavilion was constructed and can still be seen by guests today.

2. The original Pavilion cost approximately $4,800 to build.

  • In 1909, G.. “Bert” Pettibone & Fred Danklefsen, two well-known builders, were awarded a contract for $4,725 to build the Pavilion.

3. In 1910, the Pavilion held several shops and businesses.

  • Soon after its construction, the Pavilion was home to a barber shop, restaurant and bowling alley. Later, a drug store, soda fountain, souvenir stand, penny arcade, telegraph office and band stand were added.

4. The second Pavilion, built in 1961, was originally painted pink.

  • The original pink color of the 1961 Pavilion didn’t last very long. Met with much disapproval, the paint color changed to beige shortly after.

5. Since 1909, the Pavilion has survived 2 known fires.

  • In 1925, an oil stove in the barber shop, used for heating water, caught fire and nearly destroyed the Pavilion. Fortunately, two Lakeside fire trucks were nearby and immediately put out the blaze.
  • The second, and most recent, fire happened in February of 2012. Security saw flames coming from the east deck and was bale to put out the flames with the help of the fire department shortly after it began. No one knows what caused the second fire and nobody was hurt in either incident.