Staff Blogger: Gretchen Colón, Vice President of Advancement & Communications

The German Methodist Camp-Meeting began gathering in Lakeside’s Central Park in 1875.Two years later, they moved their gatherings to the area of South Auditorium, then known as South Park. They began pitching their tents in this area and gathered for their meetings and worship services.

This is one of the earliest meetings and events that began taking place at South Auditorium. Do you know more of the history of South Auditorium?

  1. South Auditorium was originally called German Auditorium.
  2. In 1883, the building cost $1,200 to build and today that would be more than $26,000.
  3. South Auditorium was once an open-air pavilion style with a roof which was supported by posts.   The sides were added years later.
  4. The larger portion of South Auditorium was added in 1947, when more space was needed for events. This addition was added under the leadership of General Manager Dr. Courtney.
  5. The benches from Central Auditorium were moved to South Auditorium for use as individuals gathered for various events.

Today, church camps, band camps and the Lakeside Antique Show are held in South Auditorium. Youth and children come and go as they participate in activities in this corridor of Lakeside Chautauqua.

Do you have any childhood memories of a time you spent in South Auditorium? What is your favorite event to attend there? Tell us in the comments below.