With Christmas just around the corner, are you still searching for the perfect present? Why not give the gift of happiness and take a look at our list of Lakeside-inspired gift ideas…

Lakeside Gift Cards
This year, Lakeside introduced Gift Cards as a way to pay for Daily, Weekly or Partial Day Chautauqua Passes, and even Season Passes! Gift Cards are available to purchase in values of any amount. For more information, contact Tyler Wilkie at (419) 798-4461, ext. 349 or accounting@lakesideohio.com. To ensure delivery prior to Christmas, please order by Dec. 10.

Hotel Gift Certificates
Hotel Lakeside and Fountain Inn gift certificates are available for next year. Gift certificates are valid for one year from the date of purchase. For more information, contact Steve Koenig at (419) 798-4461, ext. 343 or skoenig@lakesideohio.com. To ensure delivery prior to Christmas, please order by Dec. 10.

Honor a Loved One
A gift in honor of a loved one is a special way to pay tribute to their love of Lakeside. The gift can celebrate milestones – the birth of a child, wedding or anniversary – or remember a loved one. When making a tribute gift, make note of the loved one being honored or remembered. The person being honored, or the family contact of the person being remembered, will receive a hand-written note. For more information, contact Alana Tarry at (419) 798-5396 or atarry@lakesideohio.com.

Lakeside Heritage Society Books
To celebrate the history of Lakeside, the Lakeside Heritage Society is selling books this holiday season. These books can be purchased by calling (419) 798-5519 or by sending a check with a list of items requested and the address for delivery. Please send checks to the Lakeside Heritage Society, 324 W. Third St., Lakeside, Ohio 43440. Prices include tax, and mail orders are charged postage and handling. For more information, visit www.lakesideheritagesociety.com.

Marblehead Lighthouse on Lake Erie (2015, 158 pages): James Proffitt reviews the history of the Marblehead Lighthouse, from the first lighting the whale oil flame in 1822 to the current 20-watt LED made in New Zealand. Readers of this book, with more than 60 photographs and illustrations, will appreciate why the lighthouse is the most photographed site in Ohio. This book can be purchased for $25.

A Pictorial History of Lakeside, Ohio (2008, 175 pages): This book features more than 225 archival black and white photographs reflecting Lakeside’s history from 1872-2008. The cost is $25.

Abigail Tea Room (2013, 112 pages): This book is the perfect gift for anyone who enjoyed Lakeside’s vine-covered treasure with history of the cottages which housed the restaurant, 50 photos, 40 recipes and reminiscences of Elva Thomas and the servers. The book costs $25.

The Lakeside and Marblehead Railroad (2003, 192 pages): This second edition book, which was revised and enlarged by Dean K. Fick, uses text and a variety of photographs to tell the history of the Lakeside and Marblehead Railroad, the seven-mile-long short line that served Lakeside and the Marblehead Peninsula from 1886-1964. The cost of the book is $22.

“A Lakeside Christmas” Shopping
Join us on Saturday, Dec. 8 for “A Lakeside Christmas,” a day filled with children’s activities, family-friendly entertainment, shopping, dining, holiday movies and much more. Festivities will be held in conjunction with the Marblehead Merchants’ “Village Lights,” an event that highlights local shops and restaurants on the peninsula. It’s the perfect time for holiday shopping. Check out a list of businesses open that day and join the fun.

What Lakeside gifts are you giving to family and friends this holiday season? Tell us in the comments below.